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How To Give Read Only Access In Google Adwords

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  • Step 1. Go to ads.google.com
  • Step 2. Login with the google account that your Google Ads aka AdWords is on right now.
  • Step 3. On the top right hand corner do you see a wrench icon with the words Tools underneath?
  • Step 4. Click on it and a dropdown menu should pop up, under “Setup” click “account access” 
  • Step 5. Now see the blue “+” button? click that.
  • Step 6. Do you see a menu pop up that says “Invite others to access this account?”
  • Check “Read only”. This is read only access, the person you give access to won’t be able to edit or change anything. This is made by Google specifically so you can have other people audit your account.
  • Step 7: Enter the email address of who you want to give access to in the field at the bottom. For giving access to YoYoFuMedia, that would be: yo@yoyofumedia.com
  • Step 8: Then click “send invitation”. You’re all set!

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